Apr 19, 2016

What Do White Rich Men Like in Dating

You might be interested in a millionaire match but may not be sure just what the typical millionaire is looking for in a relationship.  Is the millionaire mindset that different from the average Prince Charming?  In some ways yes and in other ways no.  Let’s think about the question logically.

What Makes Rich Men Different?
Rich men are used to being viewed as a “commodity” as someone desirable and attractive, so they usually have a high level of confidence.  Because of their job, they are often accustomed to working with many people and so are known to be conversational, friendly and maybe even a little bit “alpha” when it comes to controlling a conversation.

Rich men are driven to succeed.  Whereas many working class men have a “lottery mentality” about life, rich men think in terms of action.  They are doers, not dreamers.  Rich people also tend to follow their passion in life.  They’re workaholics because they actually enjoy what they do and it’s not just a daily job.  It’s a way of life and they oftentimes feel most alive when they are making deals and conquering the market.

Rich men spoil themselves and their families when it’s time to de-stress.  They find peace of mind in wealth and “play hard” after a day of working hard.  They enjoy world travel and dining in fine establishments.  Splurging is often a comfort.

Another interesting thought is that rich men tend to want to be educated, rather than entertained.  They think in terms of incentive or perhaps empowerment or betterment, as to their lot in life.  And this relates directly to what they are looking for in a partner.

What the Rich Want in a Mate
What wealthy men want the most is a woman who challenges them, not just sexually or in conversation but in philosophy and morals.  It’s no coincidence that many millionaires marry philanthropists.  They are fascinated by the philanthropist who wants to do great things in the world, helping the underprivileged, helping to shape modern social civics and politics and the like.

By nature, the wealthy class also tends to take educated risks.  While they are not impulsive in behavior, they do tend to act first and apologize later, especially when interacting with other people.  Therefore the person who is courting a rich man would do well to learn him and to decipher how to stimulate the man’s emotions.  This is done by appealing to his sense of adventure, romance and values.

A rich man usually doesn’t want a sugar baby for a serious relationship.  Therefore, he values independence in a woman, not just in financial security but also in lifestyle.  He wants to be impressed not with her “expensive tastes” or looks (although a good physique is important), but her heart and mind.  She is smart enough for him, but kind enough to be a supportive wife.

Do you think you’re up for the challenge of landing a rich husband?  All it takes is the initiative…and maybe a website that specializes in matching rich men with smart, beautiful and confident singles.

Mar 13, 2016

Five Ways to Impress a Millionaire White Woman

Are you a minority very interested in dating a millionaire white woman?  Who can blame you!  The idea of dating an attractive white woman is indeed the “holy grail”.  Of course, you do have to realize that every rich person, and every attractive woman for that matter, gets a lot of invitations from lonely men.  The rich even more so!  So how can you separate yourself from the crowd?  Here are five ways to impress a millionaire and hopefully make an impression that leads to a call back.

1.Be confident and sexual.
Hold on, we’re not saying to be “sexual” like Quagmire from Family Guy.  Sophisticated men don’t talk about sex when they first meet a woman.  But they DO put out that vibe.  The dashing eyes, the romantic voice and the suave confidence that says, “I would love to kiss you right now.”  Strong and intense eye contact with a friendly smile (don’t forget the smile!) is the best way to present yourself and leave an impression.  Be cool and don’t be afraid of sexual tension.

2.Talk about your beliefs and be proud of them. 
Save politics and religion or anything controversial, it’s always a good impression to be knowledgeable and passionate about a subject when entertaining a millionaire date.  Showing her that you’re educated and have goals in life is important in communicating your “alpha male” status—a cut above the rest of the “average” population.  You don’t have to argue or be juvenile about a subject to defend your beliefs.  In fact, most rich women you meet will respect you for having a contrary view on a matter if you present your views eloquently.  The more you learn, the more you can do this naturally and not have to fake it!  Millionaire women are very interested in social causes so choose something that hits home and that is good for others as well as yourself.

If you can incorporate your race and culture into this belief, that’s even better.  White women are oftentimes drawn to other cultures, such as when Asian dating, black and white, Latino,and so on.  Explaining your culture and how that influences your own personal belief is always going to capture her interest.  This may be the beginning of an interracial romance!

3.Be a sexual dynamo!
The more your dates progress and you start talking about sex, be interesting and don’t resort to the same old clichés most guys spout.  In fact, to make it really interesting tell her that you’re interested in Tantric sex or the Kama Sutra or BDSM or another aspect of sexuality that not many people understand.  Don’t lie…take an interest in it and give a little something to pique her curiosity.  It’s so much more interesting than the usual wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am approach, isn’t it?

4.Do not fall for her too quickly.
The more you show her that you like her and are ready to marry her…the more she’ll probably lose interest.  Have a little pride and make yourself a challenge.  Her money should be enough to impress you.  You should make her want you and continue to pique with her curious mind, always making her want more of you but never quite committing to her.  Eventually she will understand that you are an “investment” and that she has to try a little harder to keep your attention.  That’s when you start to reach out and make a commitment.

It’s hard work dating a millionaire…but it’s a romantic relationship unlike any other and always worth trying!

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Mar 2, 2016

5 Things to Keep in Mind if you want to be a Gentleman on a First Millionaire Date

Contrary To Popular belief Chivalry is not dead. There are still gentlemen in this world. How do you translate this into success on a date? There are a few basic rules that any man should follow. Undoubtedly women do expect to be treated equally, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to treat them with respect. The same rules that applied 20 years ago still apply today, and besides, doesn’t everyone want to be treated with respect? If you apply these principles on a date you should have nothing to worry about. Here’s a look at five key things you can do on a date to show that you’re a gentleman.

#1 Do not over use the term equality – It’s true women want to be considered equal, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to impress them by being a gentleman. If you’re out for a few drinks it’s okay to pay for them, if you go for dinner It’s OK to pay for that as well. If a woman is adamant, by all means let her share the bill – being a gentleman also means not creating a scene.

#2 Always be on time for a date – There’s nothing like showing up ten minutes late for ruining any chance of a second date. No matter how good your reason for being late, it’s bound to set the tone. If you know you’re going to be late and it’s unavoidable, make sure you call your date and explain the situation – don’t just leave her standing in a doorway feeling uncomfortable. By the time you do eventually show up she’ll already have formed an opinion of you and it won’t be a positive one.

#3 Don’t be afraid to share a compliment – When we talk about compliments, we’re talking about genuine compliments. Don’t make vulgar statements that you think are funny disguised as compliments – a date is not a locker room, save those types of comments for there, or better yet don’t use them at all. Compliment your date on her beautiful outfit, or perhaps her hairstyle, but make sure the compliment is genuine. If you don’t mean what you’re saying it’s best not to say it, insincerity has a way of showing through.

#4 Open doors and pull out the chair – Opening the door for your date should be a no brainer – this is just plain good manners. Don’t mistake opening a door for your date as somehow suggesting that they aren’t equal – this is utter nonsense. The same is true for pulling out the chair for your date at a restaurant – this is something you absolutely should do. Chances are you’re date will be impressed that there are actually still a few gentlemen left in the world.

#5 Eat like a gentleman – Believe it or not, how you eat says a lot about you. If you eat in a controlled manner, taking time to chew your food rather than engulf it, you’ll give your date a much better impression than if you eat like a caveman. Don’t order everything on the menu either – if anything can put someone off, an insatiable appetite is bound to do it.

The Final Word
Being a gentleman when dating as rich men is not as hard as you might think. It involves following some common sense principles that are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago. Women are still impressed by chivalry. So don’t be afraid to open doors and compliment your date – it just might land you a second one.

Jan 15, 2016

How to Plan a Romantic Date on Your First Millionaire Date?

Have you finally found your dream dating partner from one of the popular millionaire dating sites? If this is your first millionaire date then you certainly need to consider various factors in order to build a lasting impression. Below are discussed some of the major tips that will help you to plan and even head towards a millionaire date in a smart way.

1.Make sure to plan in advance
Even though you can plan a romantic date anywhere and anytime but since it’s your first millionaire date it will certainly be wise to plan ahead. While planning ahead, it will be wise for you to analyze about the best possible way to make the day more special. For instance, you can organize a special picnic under the beautiful full moon night to turn the date a romantic one.

2.Choose an outfit that is unique and comfortable
This is also a major point that you must consider while planning your first millionaire date. Since first impression is certainly the last impression, it will be wise for you to choose an outfit in which you look gorgeous and feel comfortable. Besides this, make sure to wear an outfit that will certainly suit the special occasion.

3.Plan for a candle light dinner
This is certainly one of the best possible ways to make the day really special. While planning a candle light dinner, make sure to order dishes that your millionaire dating partner loves to have as this will make her feel special. To make the situation more romantic, make sure to serve the dinner all by yourself in a proper manner.

4.Plan for some surprises
Every person in the world love to face little surprises. With the help of a beautiful surprise, try to make your dating partner aware that you will really appreciate to have such a great person in life. Surprises will certainly make the day funny and even special.

5.Ask your partner to accompany you for a dance
Dancing is also one of the unique way by which you can certainly make your first millionaire date more special. After having a candle light dinner, ask your partner to accompany you on the dance floor. Try unique moves to make the moment really special.

These are some of the vital tips that will help you in planning a millionaire date in the best possible way. Besides this, make sure to behave politely and carry a cute smile while being on a date with your millionaire partner.

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Dec 10, 2015

Dating Tips for Rich BBWs

Being a rich BBW does make you vulnerable to a lot of things in life and one of them is love. You might think that gold diggers are found only among women but this is absolutely wrong. In search of a life of unmatched comfort and luxury, a lot of men take to online dating sites in search of a wealthy woman. So, as a wealthy BBW, what should you do to ensure you find the right partner and don’t end up being cheated? Read on to find out.

·Look for verified profiles: As there is no scope of any evidence, a person can pretend to be anything online. However, this suspicion can be eliminated when you're interacting with someone having a verified profile. In this case, the website takes supporting documents as proof of identity and income. This is why experts always advice big, beautiful women to interact only with verified users online.

·Check out social media presence: In case the website has no provision for verified profiles, you can take an alternative approach and verify his identity manually. Although this is a time consuming process it would be rewarding, nonetheless. All you need to do is search for his image on Google. If he has created a profile on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, it would show up along with the name. In case more than one user pops up, take that as a red flag and stop chatting with him/her for he can be a scammer.

·Look for signs of gold digger: A person who wants to get into a relationship just for money would show subtle signs of being a gold digger. You could expect questions pertaining to the nature of your business, income, the car you drive or the smartphone you're using. While income and profession are certainly things worth knowing about, discussing it in the initial stages of the relationship should raise suspicion.

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·Is he looking for sexual pleasures: Does he seem to be too keen on meeting you? While there is nothing wrong about it, desperation is something you should certainly watch out for. It is worth mentioning that men seeking sexual pleasure would praise you more often and show their eagerness to meet you in the real world. A person who is seeking a long term relationship would give you plenty of time to get comfortable and wouldn’t show desperation.

According to recent trends men have a greater affinity towards plus sized women. Moreover, given the fact that you're rich makes you a magnet. While you might certainly come across some amazing men online you'd have to be careful about the bad ones as they're capable of ruining you both emotionally and financially. BBW singles are advised to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines that would help in keeping non-genuine men at bay.

Nov 30, 2015

Celebrities Who Were on Millionaire Dating Websites

Dating is not something that is easy, and it is an art that you have to perfect, or have to be incredibly lucky for. Unfortunately, not many people are that lucky and can struggle to find their perfect match. Dating a millionaire is the ultimate fantasy for the majority of people and suffice it to say that even the rich and famous have found it tough to find the ideal man or woman.

Looking for a potential partner is something that everyone does; it is human nature after all to find a mate for themselves. Most people think that celebrities have it easy; after all, they have so many adoring fans who would love to date them. However, everyone has their own ideals about their perfect match and when it comes to dating even celebrities have a hard time finding their soul mate.

There have been several rich and famous celebrities who have tried their hand at online millionaire dating in the hopes of finding the love of their lives. A lot of celebrities are not only looking for love for money as well, and that is how they find themselves on online millionaire dating websites. Here are 3 of the most well known celebrities who have been logging onto millionaire dating website in the hope of finding a partner to get down with.

Charlie Sheen
Dating site: MillionaireMatch.com
Charlie Sheen is undoubtedly one of the most famous celebrities who have an account on a millionaire dating website. While going through his divorce with Denise Richards, Charlie turned to MillonaireMatch.com in the hopes of finding someone who is as rich and as crazy as he is. There are rumors that Charlie was on the website for months without finding any date, which may have come as a surprise to someone who prides himself on getting lucky with the ladies.

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Matthew Perry
Dating site: Richsoulmate.com
Another famous celebrity, Matthew Perry reportedly set up accounts on multiple millionaires dating websites. It is rumored that the popular ‘Friends’ star set up accounts on MillionaireMatch.com and RichSoulMate.com. It seems that Matthew really wants only one thing in a potential partner and that is loads of riches. It has been reported that Perry chose RichSoulMate.com after learning that it provided wealthy and elite singles with a chance to meet and his online profile describes him as:

“Cute & adorable, though pained & lonely”
Which roughly translates into, ‘kind of chubby and desperate, with a great sense of humor’

Patti Stranger
Dating site: Plenty of Fish
Patti Stranger met her current boyfriend through online dating websites and is incredibly happy with the results. She reportedly tried 4 well known millionaire dating websites, including her own website. However, she claims that she found her love interest on Plenty of Fish and couldn’t be happier. She knew what she wanted from her ideal partner and he knew what he wanted as well, which is plenty of wealth and success apparently.

MillionaireMatch.com recently held a fundraiser at the MTV Movie Award gift suite in Hollywood, and ended up giving out VIP Lifetime Memberships to more than 35 celebrities. This ensured that all those celebrities will get an exclusive luxury dating service on MillionaireMatch.

Here are some of the celebrities who were given the VIP Lifetime Memberships from MillionaireMatch.com. To view the complete list of celebrities you can check it out right here.

Guess that it turns out, what they say is really true; celebrities really are just like us, except for the part that they are super rich and famous. However, in matters of the heart everyone needs a little help!

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Oct 27, 2015

Online Millionaire Dating Sites VS. Offline Millionaires Clubs

There are quite a lot of people who are interested in millionaire dating. It is not a sudden trend but one that has been around for quite some time. Whether people want to admit it or not, money rules the heart and dating a rich and successful person is an extremely popular fantasy for most people. There are lots of ways you can meet wealthy and single people today, but the best ways are by online millionaire dating sites and offline millionaire clubs. Now both options do provide you with the chance of meeting handsome, gorgeous and wealthy men and women, but which one guarantees the highest success rate? Let’s take a comparative look at online millionaire dating sites vs. offline millionaires clubs.
Online VS Offline

The case for online millionaire dating sites

If you plan on finding a rich date through online millionaire dating sites, you are bound to have more success. What is the reason for that? Well, for one, you will get easy access to thousands of profiles of millionaires and can search and match with a potential partner easily. It is fast and efficient, and there are going to be no dearth of choices available for you. However, you must exercise some caution at online dating sites, since there are going to be some imposters that are going to try and entrap you.

This is the only blip when it comes to finding dates on millionaire matchmaker websites. If you want to find rich and attractive dates without any fuss, then you should consider online millionaire dating sites. Some of the best online millionaires dating websites are:


The case for offline millionaire clubs
This is the best option for all those people who don’t want to be bothered with technology and see dating and relationships, the old school way. There are quite a lot of people who don’t want to go online and set up a profile, as it is seen as  too much hassle and trouble. If you plan to find a rich and attractive date by joining an offline millionaire club, it is going to provide you with its own set of challenges. You don’t have to worry about any imposters, since this club will only be open to the rich and famous, who will be properly screened before they are let in.

However, you will still face a few problems, as you have to attract your rich dates with your charm and charisma. Remember you don’t have an online profile, which means that you have to nail your first impression or else risk losing out to someone else. That is the reason why some people don’t prefer joining offline millionaire clubs, since apart from being expensive to get into, you have limited chances of making a solid impression on a potential partner.

Which one should you choose?

Millionaire dating site and sugar daddy website is incredibly popular these days and there are lots of people today who want to date a wealthy and successful person in order to live the high-class lifestyle. The obvious choice for many people when it comes to millionaire dating is to join a dating site, since they don’t have to spend a lot of time and money in order to find a potential partner and they can choose to meet at their own time and convenience.

Therefore, in the battle between online millionaires dating sites vs. offline millionaires clubs, there can only be one winner. In this digital day and age, online dating sites are the way to go, since they provide you with the best chance of finding a rich and successful person to go out with and plan a future together.

Oct 19, 2015

Millionaire Dating Websites VS Sugar Daddy Websites

There is a very popular trend that has been growing every single year, and that is to find millionaires or sugar daddies to date. It can be safely said that millionaire dating websites and sugar daddy websites now have more users than ever before. The millionaire lifestyle is one that attracts everyone, and for a good reason too. It promises financial security and the chance to have some of the finest things in life at your disposal.

Online dating has skyrocketed in recent times, since it has allowed individuals to find someone to spend good time with online. There are lots of different kinds of online dating websites over the internet and it all comes down to your personal preference. Deciding on which online dating site to join is based on the experience that you are after. So, are you looking to date a millionaire? Or you do you want to go out with a sugar daddy?

There is a slight difference between millionaire dating and sugar daddy sites. It may seem to many people that both are essentially the same thing, but there are lots of differences between the two of them. So let’s take a deeper look into the differences between the two:

The difference between them
So what is millionaire dating? It is basically when people specifically look for single millionaire people to date and get into a relationship with them. It can be anyone from the CEO of a major firm, to a Hollywood celebrity or even a business owner.

Sugar daddy dating is when you are looking for an older and wealthier guy to date, who is going to spend a lot of cash on you. There are lots of sugar daddies who place themselves on websites in the chance that young and beautiful women who are looking for financial security and a better life will look to go out with them.

Millionaire dating websites
What sets millionaire dating websites truly apart is the fact that they don’t cater to only a specific type of millionaire. They have millionaires from all ages and don’t really have any standard of wealth and riches in order to date a millionaire. That is where they hold the edge over other dating websites. They provide their users with complete freedom and let them find their own millionaire partner to settle down with or go on dates with.

Some of the best millionaires dating websites are the following:

Sugar daddy dating websites
Perhaps one of the most talked about dating websites in recent years, the sugar daddy websites promise to provide an exclusive dating experience for women that are interested in dating mature men with money. These women are attracted to such men and want to find them easily, which is why they set up their profiles and flirt with sugar daddies in the hopes of finding one that finds them attractive. Some of the best sugar daddy dating websites includes the following:

The verdict
There has been quite a lot said about millionaire dating and sugar daddy dating in the industry today, and if you are looking for an exclusive experience in dating older men with money, then you should definitely choose sugar daddy dating websites. However, if you are interested in dating a young millionaire then you should choose millionaire dating websites. Both types of websites will provide you with plenty of chances of dating wealthy men and women, and it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

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