Mar 13, 2016

Five Ways to Impress a Millionaire White Woman

Are you a minority very interested in dating a millionaire white woman?  Who can blame you!  The idea of dating an attractive white woman is indeed the “holy grail”.  Of course, you do have to realize that every rich person, and every attractive woman for that matter, gets a lot of invitations from lonely men.  The rich even more so!  So how can you separate yourself from the crowd?  Here are five ways to impress a millionaire and hopefully make an impression that leads to a call back.

1.Be confident and sexual.
Hold on, we’re not saying to be “sexual” like Quagmire from Family Guy.  Sophisticated men don’t talk about sex when they first meet a woman.  But they DO put out that vibe.  The dashing eyes, the romantic voice and the suave confidence that says, “I would love to kiss you right now.”  Strong and intense eye contact with a friendly smile (don’t forget the smile!) is the best way to present yourself and leave an impression.  Be cool and don’t be afraid of sexual tension.

2.Talk about your beliefs and be proud of them. 
Save politics and religion or anything controversial, it’s always a good impression to be knowledgeable and passionate about a subject when entertaining a millionaire date.  Showing her that you’re educated and have goals in life is important in communicating your “alpha male” status—a cut above the rest of the “average” population.  You don’t have to argue or be juvenile about a subject to defend your beliefs.  In fact, most rich women you meet will respect you for having a contrary view on a matter if you present your views eloquently.  The more you learn, the more you can do this naturally and not have to fake it!  Millionaire women are very interested in social causes so choose something that hits home and that is good for others as well as yourself.

If you can incorporate your race and culture into this belief, that’s even better.  White women are oftentimes drawn to other cultures, such as when Asian dating, black and white, Latino,and so on.  Explaining your culture and how that influences your own personal belief is always going to capture her interest.  This may be the beginning of an interracial romance!

3.Be a sexual dynamo!
The more your dates progress and you start talking about sex, be interesting and don’t resort to the same old clich├ęs most guys spout.  In fact, to make it really interesting tell her that you’re interested in Tantric sex or the Kama Sutra or BDSM or another aspect of sexuality that not many people understand.  Don’t lie…take an interest in it and give a little something to pique her curiosity.  It’s so much more interesting than the usual wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am approach, isn’t it?

4.Do not fall for her too quickly.
The more you show her that you like her and are ready to marry her…the more she’ll probably lose interest.  Have a little pride and make yourself a challenge.  Her money should be enough to impress you.  You should make her want you and continue to pique with her curious mind, always making her want more of you but never quite committing to her.  Eventually she will understand that you are an “investment” and that she has to try a little harder to keep your attention.  That’s when you start to reach out and make a commitment.

It’s hard work dating a millionaire…but it’s a romantic relationship unlike any other and always worth trying!

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