Dec 10, 2015

Dating Tips for Rich BBWs

Being a rich BBW does make you vulnerable to a lot of things in life and one of them is love. You might think that gold diggers are found only among women but this is absolutely wrong. In search of a life of unmatched comfort and luxury, a lot of men take to online dating sites in search of a wealthy woman. So, as a wealthy BBW, what should you do to ensure you find the right partner and don’t end up being cheated? Read on to find out.

·Look for verified profiles: As there is no scope of any evidence, a person can pretend to be anything online. However, this suspicion can be eliminated when you're interacting with someone having a verified profile. In this case, the website takes supporting documents as proof of identity and income. This is why experts always advice big, beautiful women to interact only with verified users online.

·Check out social media presence: In case the website has no provision for verified profiles, you can take an alternative approach and verify his identity manually. Although this is a time consuming process it would be rewarding, nonetheless. All you need to do is search for his image on Google. If he has created a profile on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, it would show up along with the name. In case more than one user pops up, take that as a red flag and stop chatting with him/her for he can be a scammer.

·Look for signs of gold digger: A person who wants to get into a relationship just for money would show subtle signs of being a gold digger. You could expect questions pertaining to the nature of your business, income, the car you drive or the smartphone you're using. While income and profession are certainly things worth knowing about, discussing it in the initial stages of the relationship should raise suspicion.

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·Is he looking for sexual pleasures: Does he seem to be too keen on meeting you? While there is nothing wrong about it, desperation is something you should certainly watch out for. It is worth mentioning that men seeking sexual pleasure would praise you more often and show their eagerness to meet you in the real world. A person who is seeking a long term relationship would give you plenty of time to get comfortable and wouldn’t show desperation.

According to recent trends men have a greater affinity towards plus sized women. Moreover, given the fact that you're rich makes you a magnet. While you might certainly come across some amazing men online you'd have to be careful about the bad ones as they're capable of ruining you both emotionally and financially. BBW singles are advised to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines that would help in keeping non-genuine men at bay.

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