Nov 30, 2015

Celebrities Who Were on Millionaire Dating Websites

Dating is not something that is easy, and it is an art that you have to perfect, or have to be incredibly lucky for. Unfortunately, not many people are that lucky and can struggle to find their perfect match. Dating a millionaire is the ultimate fantasy for the majority of people and suffice it to say that even the rich and famous have found it tough to find the ideal man or woman.

Looking for a potential partner is something that everyone does; it is human nature after all to find a mate for themselves. Most people think that celebrities have it easy; after all, they have so many adoring fans who would love to date them. However, everyone has their own ideals about their perfect match and when it comes to dating even celebrities have a hard time finding their soul mate.

There have been several rich and famous celebrities who have tried their hand at online millionaire dating in the hopes of finding the love of their lives. A lot of celebrities are not only looking for love for money as well, and that is how they find themselves on online millionaire dating websites. Here are 3 of the most well known celebrities who have been logging onto millionaire dating website in the hope of finding a partner to get down with.

Charlie Sheen
Dating site:
Charlie Sheen is undoubtedly one of the most famous celebrities who have an account on a millionaire dating website. While going through his divorce with Denise Richards, Charlie turned to in the hopes of finding someone who is as rich and as crazy as he is. There are rumors that Charlie was on the website for months without finding any date, which may have come as a surprise to someone who prides himself on getting lucky with the ladies.

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Matthew Perry
Dating site:
Another famous celebrity, Matthew Perry reportedly set up accounts on multiple millionaires dating websites. It is rumored that the popular ‘Friends’ star set up accounts on and It seems that Matthew really wants only one thing in a potential partner and that is loads of riches. It has been reported that Perry chose after learning that it provided wealthy and elite singles with a chance to meet and his online profile describes him as:

“Cute & adorable, though pained & lonely”
Which roughly translates into, ‘kind of chubby and desperate, with a great sense of humor’

Patti Stranger
Dating site: Plenty of Fish
Patti Stranger met her current boyfriend through online dating websites and is incredibly happy with the results. She reportedly tried 4 well known millionaire dating websites, including her own website. However, she claims that she found her love interest on Plenty of Fish and couldn’t be happier. She knew what she wanted from her ideal partner and he knew what he wanted as well, which is plenty of wealth and success apparently. recently held a fundraiser at the MTV Movie Award gift suite in Hollywood, and ended up giving out VIP Lifetime Memberships to more than 35 celebrities. This ensured that all those celebrities will get an exclusive luxury dating service on MillionaireMatch.

Here are some of the celebrities who were given the VIP Lifetime Memberships from To view the complete list of celebrities you can check it out right here.

Guess that it turns out, what they say is really true; celebrities really are just like us, except for the part that they are super rich and famous. However, in matters of the heart everyone needs a little help!

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