Oct 12, 2015

How to know if you are dating a Real Millionaire?

Let’s be honest here; everyone wants to date a millionaire today. However, there are several imposters around that pose as millionaires as well. So how do you know if you are dating a real millionaire? You must be thinking that just because you found your partner on a millionaire dating website, they surely have to be millionaires, right? Well, it doesn’t work that way. There are plenty of people who pose as imposters on millionaire dating websites and they may either have been millionaires or may want to find a person that is a millionaire. A lot of people assume that a single millionaire has a great life, but this can be misleading. A lot of people choose to date millionaires, because they are looking for financial security and to get a taste of the finer things in life.

When you are looking to date a real millionaire, you shouldn’t be blinded by the lust for money, since you have to make sure that your personalities match and you are compatible as a couple. You can easily be lured into a false relationship if you are only focusing on money and not the person. Your main priority when you are looking to date a millionaire is finding someone who is honest and upfront with you, not someone that is a mystery to you. Millionaire matchmaker sites all have screening processes, which increases the chances of you meeting a millionaire. However, some people can be quite clever and you may match with a standard member, which is how so many millionaire imposters get away with their scams, since they have you believing in the fantasy of dating a millionaire.

Know your millionaire
There are some things that are quite obvious, and you can easily catch imposters if you open your eyes. The one thing that a lot of people get confused with is the level or type of millionaire that they want to date. If you are dating someone who doesn’t make sound business decisions, that is a major red flag that they may not be what they claim to be. However, if they own a private jet, or a yacht, and are seen attending some of the biggest events in the world, then they are bound to be extremely wealthy.

There are lots of high-level millionaires that are bound to be business owners, top investors, corporate magnates, and sports team owners. However, you may be surprised by the kind of lifestyle that they live, which could be pretty simple. Furthermore, a lot of millionaires don’t really flaunt their wealth, and invest it so that their money is not in danger. However, there are certain signs that will tell you if you are dating a real millionaire or an imposter.

Looking at the signs
Here are some of the most obvious signs that you have to look at if you want to know that you are dating a real millionaire:

Obvious things to notice
·Large boats (well maintained)
·Fancy mansion
·Gourmet meals & nice wines
·Luxurious clothing (classy dressing)
·VIP tickets to shows & events
·Huge fan of toys & electronics
·Manners, manners, and manners

Not so obvious things
·Is their clothing worn?
·Do they always dress casually?
·Look at the state and maintenance of their car
·Are they passionate about something?
·How do they treat other people?
·Are they ego driven or insecure?
·Are they cheap or stingy with their exes?
·Do they criticize their business partners?
·Do they constantly brag about the things that they own?

The information will be in the details and not in the appearances of the person. So make sure that you take the time to fully understand and know your millionaire date. Pay attention to how they communicate and also stop dreaming about a fantasy relationship with your millionaire until you are completely sure about them.

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